The Man Who Fell To Earth – Bowie restored in 4K


Einer der Filme, die ich mir dringend mal wieder ansehen muss: David Bowie in seiner ersten Hauptrolle als Alien-Klimaflüchtling in Nicolas Roegs The Man Who Fell To Earth. Die haben den Film jetzt anlässlich seines 40sten Geburtstags in 4k restauriert und bringen ihn (zumindest in UK) im Herbst nochmal in die Kinos, zeitgleich veröffentlichen sie einen remastered Soundtrack dazu.

bowieTo celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nicolas Roeg's cult classic, the film has been fully restored in stunning 4K and back to cinemas and limited edition DVD, Blu-ray and Digital this Autumn. David Bowie stars as Thomas Jerome Newton, a humanoid alien who comes to Earth to get water for his dying planet. Directed by Nic Roeg.

An alien, who adopts the name Thomas Jerome Newton, arrives on Earth and quickly sets about creating enough wealth to allow him to return to his own world. His home world is portrayed as a vast arid land where water is at a premium. With the help of patent lawyer Oliver Farnsworth - who later becomes the CEO of Newton's holding company, World Enterprises - he has a number of original patents that make him very rich. Along the way he meets a number of interesting characters, including Mary-Lou, who falls in love with him and Nathan Brice who works for him. The question of course is whether Newton will ever get to return home.