Thesaurus Bots' synonyme Filmtitel/Beatles-Songs

Rob Manuel arbeitet grade an einem Thesaurus Bot, der (bislang) Synonyme für Filmtitel und Beatles-Songs ausspuckt. Bei „Acceptable Bright Light“ und „Plunderer of the Disoriented Basket“ hab' ich mein Frühstück ausgespuckt. So much gold.

Ein paar Favs:

All you need is love --> All you wish is appreciation
The Ballad of John and Yoko --> The Serenade of Latrine and Yolk
Here, There and Everywhere --> Here, There and Omnipresent
Good Day Sunshine --> Acceptable Bright Light
Hello, Goodbye --> Bonjour, Bye-Bye

A Clockwork Orange --> An Accuracy Apricot
Raiders of the lost Ark --> Plunderer of the Disoriented Basket
Fight Club --> Scuffle Business
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly --> The Exceptional, the Uncacceptable and the Horrid
2001: A Space Odyssey --> 2001: A Capacity Expedition