Juli 2016 Hitze-Rekord: Check 🌞

Auch der Juli 2016 war der heißeste Juli seit Aufzeichnung der Wetterdaten, der nun fünfzehnte monatliche Hitze-Rekord in Folge. NASA-Fuzzi Gavin Schmidt rechnet damit, dass der Juli vorerst der letzte Hitzerekord-Monat bleiben wird, da die Effekte von El Niño wegfallen. Immerhin. 😎


The reign of record hot months in 2016 continues, with last month claiming the title of hottest July on record globally, according to data released by NASA on Monday. This July was also the hottest month on record for the world.

The streak means that 2016 is still well on its way to upsetting last year as the hottest year on record. Or as Gavin Schmidt, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies, said on Twitter, there is still a 99 percent chance 2016 will take the top slot.

Schmidt said he expects July will be the last record hot month of this year as the residual heat from an exceptionally strong El Niño dies away. Though El Niño itself was declared over in June, global temperatures tend to lag by about two to three months.