South Park Furz-VR


Ubisoft haben für das neue South Park-Game The Fractured But Whole eine Maske entwickelt, die während des Spielens Flatulenz-Geruch in die Nasenlöchern pumpt. Das Teil soll nicht auf den Markt kommen, sondern für Events genutzt werden, unter anderem auch auf der diese Woche startenden GamesCon.

The creators of an upcoming "South Park" video game have developed a stinky spin on virtual reality. Ubisoft unveiled plans Friday for a VR mask that will pump fart smells into gamers' nostrils as they play the game "South Park: The Fractured But Whole." The system called the Nosulus Rift won't be available for sale. It was designed for use at live events, such as the Penny Arcade Expo and Gamescom. The latest "South Park" game casts players as the gassy new kid in town and lampoons superhero culture. Ubisoft senior producer Jason Schroeder says the technology is "the most immersive way" for players to experience the character's superpower.

The 20th season of the animated adult series is set to premiere Sept. 14 on Comedy Central.