„Can't stop loving you“ can't be stopped being loved ❤️


Offenbar gibt es einen Bug auf LastFM, dank dem man Van Halens „Can't stop loving you“ nicht aus seinen „Loved Tracks“ löschen kann. Sie haben dann einen Workaround über unterschiedliche Schreibweisen der Liebe gefunden. Best Bug, ever! 💕 (via Thomas Hooper)

LastFM-User Łukasz: „I wanted to clear all my loved songs and I almost did it. Only one song left and I dont know it's a bug or some kind of easter egg because it's Van Halen - Can't stop loving you. It has empty heart (not red) and even this song is on my loved list. Dont sure what to do about this.“
LastFM-Laura: „Hi Łukasz, This isn't an easter egg (unfortunately!), but looks like it does have to do with auto-corrections (there's one from 'Can't Stop Loving You' to 'Can't Stop Lovin' You').“