Magic-Shop bans Harry Potter-Fans

harry-potterZauberladeninhaber Richard Carter verweigert Harry Potter-Fans den Verkauf von echten Zauberstäben, die eigentlich für Bannkreise und gegen böse Geister gedacht sind – und nicht für Cosplayer und ihre fake „Expectum Patronum“-Sprüche. Scheiß Muggles aber auch immer.

Richard Carter, who owns the shop Mystical Moments in Huddersfield [supplies] wands, but for casting healing spells and as good luck charms. As opposed to yelling, "Expecto Patronum!", at each other. […] Mr. Carter, 57, has now banned Harry Potter fans from his store; refusing to sell the wands to them, which are intended for use in drawing protective circles, warding off evil forces while owners meditate, or to bring fortune in the form of love or money.