Hacker klauen 100 Autos

In Houston haben sie zwei Jungs festgenommen, die per Laptop und ein bisschen Hacking rund 100 Autos geklaut haben sollen. Im Juli haben sie erst das untere Video eines Autodiebstahls per Hack veröffentlicht, ist aber wohl ein anderer Verdächtiger, weshalb sie von einem größeren Ring von Autohackern ausgehen:

Houston police have arrested two men for a string of high-tech thefts of trucks and SUVs in the Houston area. The Houston Chronicle reports that Michael Armando Arce and Jesse Irvin Zelaya were charged on August 4th, and are believed to be responsible for more than 100 auto thefts. Police said Arce and Zelaya were shuttling the stolen vehicles across the Mexican border.

The string of thefts may include one captured on security video in late June. However, the culprit in that video seems to have lighter hair than either of the arrestees, and police acknowledge the possibility that the two are part of a larger operation.