Flüchtlinge basteln App für deutsche Bürokratie

refMunzer Khattab und Ghaith Zamrik haben eine App namens Bureaucrazy entwickelt, um Flüchtlingen das Ausfüllen der Formulare des deutschen Bürokratie-Dschungels zu erleichtern, derzeit suchen sie noch professionelle Coder und Helfer, um die App fertigzustellen. „As they told Radio Spaetkauf recently: 'We started learning coding here in Berlin with the REDI School of Digital Integration. The best way to learn code is to start building an application', Ghaith said.“

Vom Guardian: Syrian refugees design app for navigating German bureaucracy.

Munzer Khattab likens German bureaucracy to a game of snakes and ladders. When the 23-year-old from Latakia on the Syrian coast arrived and registered in Berlin last year, he was given the address of a job centre in another part of the city. But when he turned up at the address, the building was shut for renovation. He eventually stumbled into the replacement office by accident two weeks later. “In Syria, there was always a way to avoid bureaucracy, even if it meant paying a bit of extra money. Here, there is no way around the paperwork,” Khattab said.

His friend Ghaith Zamrik, 19, from Damascus, had similar problems. Upon arriving in Berlin he was told to sign eight documents, only four of which were translated into Arabic. “It was very frustrating,” Zamrik said. “Even my German friends struggle with the paperwork here – imagine what it is like for a newcomer.” Spurred by their frustrations, Khattab and Zamrik are on a mission to simplify German bureaucracy not just for the 1.2 million people who have sought asylum there since 2013 but also ordinary Germans. Since March, they and a team of four other Syrian refugees have been developing an app called Bureaucrazy, which promises to guide newcomers and natives through the labyrinth of form filling and officialese.