Empty Chicago


Fotograf Michael Salisbury auf Curbed Chicago über seine Fotoserie #chiminuschi:

I was shooting for a project with PhaseOne, documenting the architecture in Chicago. I was getting quite annoyed with all the people and cars getting in my shots, so I decided to remove them altogether. Once I saw the results from the first image, I was hooked, and decided to keep it going into its own project.

Hübsche Fotoserie, aber den Bullshit kaufe ich ihm keine Sekunde ab. Nicht als Fotograf, der sich offensichtlich nicht seit gestern mit Architektur-Fotografie beschäftigt und garantiert mindestens ein paar der unten aufgezählten Aktionen gesehen hat. Was er hätte sagen können:

You know, Curbed, there's this Subgenre within Photography, more or less a Micro-Meme, so to say, that started some years ago when Ian Visits photographed an abandoned London during Christmas-Holidays and Matt Longes Empty L.A.-Photoseries, who was the first to actively remove People and Cars from Images of Urban Centers.

From there it became a whole Trend with Ross Ching popularizing the thing with his Running On Empty-Series (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle). But somehow nobody did this kind of stuff for Chicago, so I just went with it.

Still, nice work, dude.