Dear Data is a Book!


Giorgia Lupi und Stefanie Posavec hatten sich über ein Jahr jede Woche Postkarten geschickt. Auf diesen malten und zeichneten sie Datenvisualisierungen ihres Quantified Selfs über ein gemeinsames Thema – eine Woche Lachen, Verabschiedungen oder Zweifel. Und das ganze Projekt gibts ab September auch als Buch. Tolle Idee, großartig umgesetzt.

Over the fifty-two weeks, the collecting of data about our lives became a kind of ritual. We would spend the week noticing and noting down our activities or thoughts, before translating this information into a hand-drawn visualization. On the front of the postcard there would be a unique representation of our weekly data, and, on the other side (in addition to the necessary postage and address), we would squeeze in detailed keys to our drawings: the code to enable the recipient to decipher the picture, and to fantasize about what had happened to her new friend the week before.

We prefer to approach data in a slower, more analogue way. We’ve always conceived Dear Data as a “personal documentary” rather than a quantified-self project which is a subtle – but important – distinction. Instead of using data just to become more efficient, we argue we can use data to become more humane and to connect with ourselves and others at a deeper level.