This Is Not Fine


Die großartige Webcomic-Site The Nib is back und macht schon seit zwei Wochen schwer Wahlkampf, weshalb ich die Comics seit dem Neustart dort auch bislang eher so mittelinteressant fand. Jetzt hat KC Green seine eigene Meme remixt: This Is Not Fine.

Das This Is Fine-Meme basiert auf einem schon vorher ziemlich bekannten 2013er Web-Comic, das im Juli durch einen Retweet der Republikaner dann auch noch in den Wahlkampf einzog. Daher wahrscheinlich nun der Remix: This Is Not Fine.



Gleichzeitig und wohl auch nicht ganz zufällig: Ein This Is Fine-Plushy auf Kickstarter. I totally WANT!!! one.

7f19206a9d1cf51a4016f02ff05eac83_originalFrom my old webcomic "Gunshow," this dark horse of a comic rose into prominent usage among the college testing crowd and grew from there. Normally the first two panels are only seen. Brevity is the soul of wit, after all! But it continued to seep into the consciousness of America and the world as things seemingly just got... worse.

I, for one, hope there'll be a day when we no longer have to look for the dog on fire to support our feelings, but until that day comes, maybe a nice big plush of the boy will help.

We are working with Soft Stuff Creations to make this 13" tall plush of our favorite dog (his name is Question Hound, if you care to know). He comes with a nice flat butt to sit upright and quietly stare off, wall-eyed, into the middle distance. Trying to suppress it all. And he has a little plush coffee cup too, with his good catch phrase emblazoned on it.