Neue Miniatur-Riots von James Caulty


James Caulty (The KLF) baut seit einer ganzen Weile Miniaturen von Aufständen in dystopischen Mini-Großstädten. Mit denen geht er jetzt auf Ausstellungs-Tour, war natürlich letztes Jahr in Banksys Dismaland damit zu Gast und zur Tour gibt es auch neue Arbeiten seiner Riots in a Jam Jar. und grade zeigt er seine Arbeiten in London, wo sich der Guardian das ganze grandiose Schlamassel angeschaut hat.

The apocalyptic, post-riot townscape filling the 40ft-long container is part of an even bigger work, called Aftermath Dislocation Principle (ADP), by James Cauty. It’s hard to mention Cauty without raising the spectre of his former life as half of the KLF, who in 1992 deleted their back catalogue before burning a million quid they’d earned from it. However, there is no performance element to this. Dwarfed by his shipping container, Cauty cuts a quiet, humble figure in a raver’s bucket hat.

The ADP has been scaled down for this appearance in Tottenham Hale, London. When it was full-size, it was inhabited by some 5,000 tiny police figures (no civilians) and spent much of last year as the “model village” attraction at Dismaland, Banksy’s anti-theme-park in Weston-super-Mare. The container idea arose partly to overcome the gruelling reassembly required each time it was moved – and so the ADP Riot Tour was born. Since April, it has been travelling the UK, on a trip that will take in 36 sites of historic riots, culminating at Christmas in Bedford, which is seen as very like the middle England ADP portrays.

Mehr Pics beim Guardian und in diesem Flickr-Set von Ed Jansen.









Also: He made a Riot-Shield for Alan Moore with the yellow Watchmen-Smiley. So much to love…


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