Fred Tomlinson R.I.P.

General_FOLDER_tomlinson-large_trans++Jzvwk8eE4T8RLW4D_8xJo7jtG-B-RJeV4nTf2D53reUFred Tomlinson, Chef der Tomlinson Singers und Co-Autor von Monty Pythons Lumberjack-Song und „Spam! Wonderful Spam!“, ist bereits im Juni im Alter von 88 Jahren gestorben. Nachrufe bei den Pythons und im Telegraph.

Fred Tomlinson and his singers were an indispensable part of the Python TV shows. They had just the right attitude for Python - a willingness to do, wear and sing anything so long as it was different and outrageous. Fred insisted on high standards, and much work and rehearsal went into ensuring that something extremely silly was also extremely polished.

Fred was never rattled and always willing to help out whenever possible. When Terry Jones and myself had completed the lyrics to the Lumberjack Song, I remember calling Fred late one evening and tunelessly singing a sort of cheery version of the song down the phone. By next morning Fred had written the score to the Lumberjack Song, and when we performed it his singers were the backbone of the chorus.