Last Train Home


Großartige Animation von Gerhard Human (Patreon) zu ’nem Track vom nicht weniger großartigen Raffertie. Tolles Character-Design, schicker Strich, tolle Farben.

trainI started working on this film just over 4 months ago, at night and in the early mornings before work. (It’s purely a personal artistic project, not commissioned by the record label). I got permission to use the music from Benjamin Stefanski (Raffertie).

“Last train home” on his SLEEP OF REASON album just kept coming back as the perfect fit. He was also constantly involved with the process and gave feedback throughout which was great.

Gerhard hat noch ’ne ganze Menge mehr Illus und Animationen am Start und hat auch ein paar Seiten im Bartkira-Project gezeichnet. Guter Mann.