Neural Network-Stimmen von Clinton, Obama & Trump singen „Obama Leaves“

Das „world-class team of scientists and entrepreneurs“ von WowTune haben ein Neural Network entwickelt, das Stimmen lernt und mit ihnen singen kann. Im Demo-Video oben singen Clinton, Trump und Obama ein Abschiedsständchen für den amerikanischen Noch-Präsidenten. Ich denke, Cassetteboy hat grade seinen Remix-Job verloren. (via CreativeAI)

trumpWhat if Michael Jackson could still record brand new songs? What if non-singer celebrities could effortlessly record a song in any style? What if we could have any legendary actors or celebrities say anything without actually recording it?

WowTune VR’s world-class team of scientists and entrepreneurs has developed a unique patented technology – based on sound processing and machine learning – that makes “these miracles” and others possible. Indeed, from just a few original voice samples, WowTune VR’s technology can re-create the very singing or spoken voice of anyone. WowTune VR’s core technology stems from years of R&D in singing and spoken voice synthesizing – and is at the forefront of a still untapped market: VR’s human voice.