My [X]-yr old [kid] just said Bot

Toller Bot von Kelsey Innis als Verarsche der ganzen Fake-Dialoge mit Kids auf den Tweeties, die so niemals nicht stattfanden: @DarndestTruisms. Der Bot ist noch nicht lange online, aber jetzt schon voller Gold:


  • my 4-yr old daughter just shouted "symbols are more meaningful than things themselves" in the middle of the supermarket @
  • "looking back is the first sign of aging and decay"--my 5-yr-old daughter just now @
  • my 1 yr old son just said to me "war is a purification rite." @
  • my 6-yr old son just angrily whispered "enjoy yourself because you can't change anything anyway" @
  • my 4-yr old daughter just pointed at the TV and said "the world operates according to discoverable laws" @
  • my 1 yr old daughter just looked at me and said, "taking a strong stand publicizes the opposite position." @

[update] Der Bot ist ein Mashup aus den Twitter-Kids-Fake-Dialogen und Jenny Holzers Installation Triusms. Nice! (Danke Sebastian!)