Verbraucherschützer mahnen Pokémon Go ab, Zocker crasht in Polizei-Auto und mehr vom Pokémon Hypetrain


Ich war gestern in diesem hervorragenden Laden namens „Waren ohne Mängel“ und habe mir dort eine handvoll tadelloser PokéBalls Flummies gekauft. Der einzige Grund: An der Ecke hatte jemand ein Lock-Modul platziert. Der Ladenbesitzer kannte das Game tatsächlich und ich hab’ ihm kurz erklärt, wie er mit Pokéstops und Lures vielleicht noch mehr Kunden in den Laden kaufen kann, immerhin haben die da ganz nette Toys und Brettspiele und eben Flummies. Ich liebe Flummies.

Mehr vom Pokémon Hypetrain-ChooChoo:

Pokemon Live-Action Movie a Go at Legendary: „Legendary Entertainment has won the rights to a Pokemon movie and is partnering with the Pokémon Company to launch the first live-action Pokemon film franchise with a “Detective Pikachu” movie.“

Pokémon Go Maps: Pokemon Radar, PokéMap, Pokego World, Pokemapper, Pokévision und, hatte ich schonmal verlinkt, Pokémon Map of Berlin


Top Saudi clerical body renews fatwa against Pokemon

Saudi Arabia's top clerical body has renewed a 15-year-old edict that the Pokemon game franchise is un-Islamic, Saudi media said on Wednesday, although the fatwa made no mention of the successful new Pokemon GO mobile game.

Pokémon Go: Verbraucherschützer mahnen wegen Nutzungsbedingungen ab: „Bei Pokémon Go werden nicht nur fleißig Monster gesammelt, sondern auch Daten der Nutzer. Zugleich nehme sich Niantic übermäßig Rechte in den Nutzungsbedingungen raus, kritisieren Verbraucherschützer. Und lassen auf die Kritik eine Abmahnung folgen.“

Ab Level 25 schlägt Pokémons InGame-Buying-Mechanismus zu: How Pokémon Go starts punishing its high-level players. 👌👈

In a detailed Reddit thread discussing his "late game" progress in Pokémon Go, user Riggnaros discusses a few ways the game grinds progress to a halt once players hit level 25 or so.

For instance, Riggnaros says, once you reach a level in the "mid 20s," low-powered Pokémon you encounter in the game start to "have an abnormally high chance to evade capture." That means players will need to start wasting a lot more Pokéballs to capture the most abundant monsters, which are key to gaining the experience points needed for that next level. Getting enough Pokéballs to keep up with all those escaping Pokémon means spending real money or spending inordinate amounts of time farming free Pokéballs from those slowly refilling Pokéstops.

"From level 29-30 I went through over 1000 pokeballs. Literally," Riggnaros complains. "I cannot stress how ridiculous this would be for someone playing [without] spending coins on pokeballs (ie playing the game [free to play] - which is the majority)."

Casey Neistat: Pokémon Go IN REAL LIFE

Police said the video shows a car crashing into a parked Baltimore police cruiser around 3:30 a.m. Monday in the 2900 block of Eastern Avenue. The officer had activated the camera after the collision. The camera buffers and backs up 30 seconds. Officers, who had just finished a call, caught up with the driver, who said, "That’s what I get for playing this dumb(expletive) game."

Noch mehr PokéCrashes: Two Drunken Guys Crashed Their Cars While Playing Pokémon Go

Yep: I’ve made more friends through Pokemon Go this week than in a year of London living.

Ein weiterer Pokémon HoloLens-Prototyp:

il_570xN.1010470164_e2dsHand-made Pokeball Themed Battery Pack

'Pokémon GO' Is Blowing Up The Market For External Batteries

„Valiant is now running a Pokémon Go sponsorship programme designed to increase foot traffic and “lure” in new readers into comic book stores.“

Nature: Gotta name them all: how Pokémon can transform taxonomy

Scientists and conservationists have been quick to capitalize on the rare potential to reach a portion of the public usually hunched over consoles in darkened rooms, and have been encouraging Pokémon hunters to snap and share online images of the real-life creatures they find. The question has even been asked: how long before the game prompts the discovery of a new species?

It’s not out of the question: success is 90% perspiration after all, and millions of gamers peering around corners and under bushes across the world can create a very sweaty exercise indeed. By definition, each Pokémon hunter almost certainly holds a high-definition camera in their hands. And there is a precedent: earlier this year, scientists reported Arulenus miae, a new species of pygmy devil grasshopper, identified in the Philippines after a researcher saw an unfamiliar insect in a photo on Facebook