Harry Potter-Effekt vs Donald Trump


Eine neue Studie von Politik-Wissenschaftlerin Prof. Diana Mutz der Uni Pennsylvania mit dem Titel Harry Potter and the deathly Donald? (PDF) zeigt, dass das Lesen der Harry Potter-Bücher zu einer geringeren Meinung zu Donald Trump führt. Der Effekt verstärkt sich, umso mehr Potter-Romane gelesen werden und er tritt auch nach Bereinigung der Stats für politische Neigung auf. Hilft bestimmt auch gegen AfDs und Erdogans. Lest mehr Harry Potter!

41zX84hcnkL"Because Trump's political views are widely viewed as opposed to the values espoused in the Harry Potter series," Mutz writes in the study, "exposure to the Potter series may play an influential role in influencing how Americans respond to Donald Trump." To test that explanation for the Harry Potter effect, Mutz focused on three core themes from Harry Potter: The value of tolerance and respect for difference; opposition to violence and punitiveness; and opposition to authoritarianism. In each case, Mutz points out, Donald Trump's messages are opposed to the lessons conveyed in Harry Potter and closer to that of his enemy, Lord Voldemort. […]

Mutz polled a nationally representative sample of 1,142 Americans in 2014, and again in 2016, asking about their Harry Potter consumption, their attitudes on issues such as waterboarding, the death penalty, the treatment of Muslims and gays, and (in 2016 only) their feelings about Donald Trump on a 0-100 scale. Party affiliation did not affect the likelihood that a person had read the Harry Potter books, the study found; Democrats, Republicans, and Independents have all read Rowling's books in roughly equal numbers.

The study found that each Harry Potter book read lowered respondents' evaluations of Donald Trump by roughly 2-3 points on a 100 point scale. "This may seem small," Mutz acknowledges, "but for someone who has read all seven books, the total impact could lower their estimation of Trump by 18 points out of 100. The size of this effect is on par with the impact of party identification on attitudes toward gays and Muslims."