CGI Eyeball-Reconstruction


Disney Research hat ’ne neue Methode zur Rekonstruktion von CGI-Augäpfeln erfunden, inklusive realistischer 3D-Abbildung der Pupille, mehrfarbigen Iris und der Konstruktion kompletter CGI-Augen von Tieren sowie aus Kunstwerken und einfachen Fotos: Lightweight Eye Capture Using a Parametric Model.

Facial scanning has become ubiquitous in digital media, but so far most efforts have focused on reconstructing the skin. Eye reconstruction, on the other hand, has received only little attention, and the current state-of-the-art method is cumbersome for the actor, time-consuming, and requires carefully setup and calibrated hardware. These constraints currently make eye capture impractical for general use. We present the first approach for high-quality lightweight eye capture, which leverages a database of pre-captured eyes to guide the reconstruction of new eyes from much less constrained inputs, such as traditional single-shot face scanners or even a single photo from the internet.