Slayer-Comics are a thing!


Slayer spielen am Freitag auf der ComicCon und das nicht ohne Grund: Die Band hat sich mit Comic-Publisher Dark Horse zusammengeschmissen und veröffentlichen demnächst eine dreiteilige Mini-Serie geschrieben von Jon Schnepp und gezeichnet von Guiu Vilanova. Die Comics basieren lose auf Slayer-Lyrics, der erste Band folgt lose den Plots aus den beiden Videos zu den Songs Repentless und You Against You (Clips siehe unten).

Bild oben: „The debut issue sports two covers […] a standard cover by Glenn Fabry (Hellblazer, Preacher) with the videos' blood-spattered eyepatch guy and a variant by Eric Powell (The Goon, Hillbilly) depicting a skeleton pierced with stakes.“

The band and its label, Nuclear Blast, has teamed with comics publisher Dark Horse (Sin City, Hellboy) for a three-part title, the first of which, Slayer: Repentless, Vol. 1, will come out later this year. The plot takes inspiration from the revenge-themed videos they've made for "Repentless" and "You Against You," both of which share a story arc devised by director BJ McDonnell (Hatchet III). "I think of the songs I write as stories," Slayer's Kerry King tells Rolling Stone. "And if nothing else, they are certainly visual. BJ managed to string it all together so it made sense."