Leichen-Enthaarung ohne Rasierklingen


1912er Firma in New York mit der bahnbrechenden Idee der Leichenenthaarung mit Post-Mortem Rasierpulver. Mache ich ja auch immer so mit meinen Toten, Pulver drauf und ab geht die Luzie, ohne Acid und ohne „offensive Odor“.

Und ich hab’ tatsächlich ein bisschen Hintergrundinfo zur Leichenenthaarungsanzeige gefunden, anscheinend gab es damals jede Menge Firmen für Leichen-Enthaarung ohne Rasierklingen:

The magazine is Casket & Sunnyside for January 1912, and there are ample references to it in Charles Addams [Addams Family] and Jessica Mitford. The worry for the consideration of the cost of a shave (15 cents) for a dead person seems quite an inescapable weirdness and luxury. The weirdness of the name of the company nearly obscures it common nature--it isn't exactly the Acme Corpse Company, but it is close to it, and it addresses just one small bit of minuatiae of deadness in the vast sea of Dead, Inc.

The sellers of the razorless post-mortem shave equipment didn't receive a patent for their process--nor did anyone else, for that matter, at least so far as I can determine.