The Haikasoru Japan Sci-Fi Bundle


Großartiges neues Storybundle voller SciFi-eBooks aus Japan: The Haikasoru Japan Sci-Fi Bundle inklusive einer Essay-Sammlung zu Battle Royale, einem „web browser that threatens to conquer the world“ oder „Sumo wrestlers with a supernatural secret“.


Haikasoru is VIZ Media, LLC's "internal small press" dedicated to bringing the best of Japan's science fiction, fantasy, and horror to English-speaking audiences around the world. Since our launch in 2009, we've published Hugo Award-winning fiction, inspired a Tom Cruise film, and have shown the world that the future is Japanese!

In this bundle we've included some of Haikasoru's favorites, such as the science fiction anthology The Future is Japanese, which includes the Hugo Award-winning short story "Mono No Aware" by Ken Liu, and Hiroshi Sakurazaka's Slum Online is a light novel about a college kid obsessed with a fighting MMO—and Sakurazaka knows something about video games, as anyone who has seen the film Edge of Tomorrow (based on his All You Need is Kill) understands.