Pokémon Hypetrain: SPD fängt Glurak, Gay Pokémon Erotica, Naked Pokémon, Crime, Drones, InfoSec und überhaupt alles!

Ich hab’ in über zehn Jahren Netzkultur-Blogging eine Menge Hypes und Memes erlebt, was allerdings grade mit Pokémon Go passiert, ist nochmal eine andere Liga. Eine Augmented-Reality-Liga. Pokémon Go dürfte nur der erste Hype sein und den Weg ebnen für viele weitere große und kleine Augmented-Hypes in den kommenden Jahren. Man muss sich vor Augen halten, dass das Teil erst am Freitag veröffentlicht wurde und in den allermeisten Ländern noch gar nicht offiziell erschienen ist. Trotzdem hat alleine ein auf Facebook als Nachtwanderung angekündigtes, loses Treffen von einer handvoll Pokémon-Zockern in meiner eigenen Nachbarschaft mittlerweile tausende Interessierte und Zusagen. TAUSENDE!

Die einzige Meme, die mir einfällt, die einen ähnlichen globalen Hype auslöste, war der Harlem Shake, und der war ganz sicher nochmal ein paar Nummern kleiner. Sogar die SPD steigt auf den Pokémon Hypetrain!


Ich habe eine kleine Theorie dazu, warum das Game ausgerechnet jetzt so dermaßen einschlägt, wo Augmented Reality eigentlich schon seit Jahren etablierte Technologie ist und es bereits jede Menge dieser Spielereien gab und mal abgesehen davon, dass Pokémon mit seinem Cute-Faktor und der nach wie vor erstaunlich hohen Popularität: In Zeiten, in denen wir online gefühlt jeden Tag mit Horrormeldungen bombardiert werden, erfüllt Pokémon die Funktion eines RealLife-Eskapismus von der Dauerbeschallung mit aufgeblasenen Non-News und den täglichen Meldungen über eine Welt, die angeblich aus den Fugen geraten ist. Nur so ein Gedanke.

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Pokémon Erotica


Pokebutt Go: Pounded By 'Em All

Torbit is worried. After witnessing a slew of dazed roaming men and women buried in their phones, he’s beginning to think that this might be the start of a terrifying zombie film. Upon further investigation, however, Torbit realizes that they are all playing a hot new mobile game, Pokebutt Go.

Curious to see what all of the fuss is about, Torbit plugs in and sets out to capture a nearby Pokebutt within his own balls, but when he arrives at the location of this rare beast, Torbit suddenly realizes that he might have bitten off more than he can chew. Now face-to-face with a handsome yellow bigfoot named Peebaroo, who sports a zig-zag tail, Torbit realizes that the only way to catch this majestic creature… is within the depths of his own butt.

This erotic tale is 4,000 words of sizzling human on gay Pokebutt action, including anal, blowjobs, rough sex, cream pies, and digital monster love.

Pokémon Go Nudes Are A Thing Now



Smart Takes

The Tragedy of Pokémon Go – What it takes for good ideas to attract money.

For the creators of alternate reality games, pervasive games, big games, and all the other names that have been used to describe computer games played in and across real-world spaces, Pokémon Go represents a bittersweet victory. On the one hand, it shows that an unlikely combination of technology and social will has finally made a truly mass-market pervasive game possible. On the other hand, as Area/Code co-founder and current NYU Game Center director Frank Lantz told me, “such a victory was only possible thanks to years of corporate patronage from Google, along with the licensing of the most popular videogame IP of all time.”

AR is an MMO

The Pokémon GO database is basically a replicated version of the Ingress database, the previous game by Niantic. And said database was heavily crowdsourced. This has already led some enterprising players to wonder aloud whether they can use Ingress play to affect the locations of Pokéstops or gyms in Pokémon GO. It’s also led to complaints that rural areas are Pokémon deserts, because Ingress players never built up the database entries in those locations.

However, it’s also led to some artifacts that are very familiar. Here’s a guy who lives in a building that Ingress players (presumably) labeled as a Pokémon GO gym. What are the implications here? Aside from the very real risk of constant home invasions, we’re seeing a game AR layer used to directly affect home value and livability, outside of the owner’s control. Some are seeing this as a benefit, as in the examples of real estate listings using Pokémon GO data as a value-add. Others, who have reported a dozen people in their backyard at 2am, are less happy.

What is the fruition of this? Long ago, in Star Wars Galaxies, we allowed players to freely build homes and even cities, anywhere on the map that wasn’t explicitly disallowed. Cities allowed players to set rules about who could attack other players within their borders. A few sneaky players set up their cities surrounding or even directly on top of designer-created content, and then started extorting players who wanted to visit that content — or just killing them, in the game.


Cheating Pokémon Go with Drones


Pokemon Go is a huge security risk (kann ich übrigens nicht bestätigen)
Hier das Statement von Niantic:

Niantic issued a statement to Polygon regarding iOS users giving Pokémon Go full access to their accounts by signing up for the game. The full response can be found below.

We recently discovered that the Pokémon GO account creation process on iOS erroneously requests full access permission for the user's Google account. However, Pokémon GO only accesses basic Google profile information (specifically, your User ID and email address) and no other Google account information is or has been accessed or collected. Once we became aware of this error, we began working on a client-side fix to request permission for only basic Google profile information, in line with the data that we actually access. Google has verified that no other information has been received or accessed by Pokémon GO or Niantic. Google will soon reduce Pokémon GO's permission to only the basic profile data that Pokémon GO needs, and users do not need to take any actions themselves.

Datenschutzerklärung von „Pokémon Go“: Großzügige Erlaubnis zur Datenweitergabe an staatliche Stellen

How to Revoke Pokémon Go’s Extensive Permissions to Your Google Account
Pokemon Malware
Pokémon Go: Android-Versionen mit Trojaner im Umlauf

Conspiracy Theories

Sure Pokémon Go Is a Government Surveillance Psyop Conspiracy


Police Believe Pokémon Go Murder Video Is Hoax

Weird Places

😃 Man catches a Pidgey on Pokémon GO as his wife gives birth
🤔 The United States Marine Corps just posted this on their official Instagram account.
😞 Can you play Pokémon Go in space? NASA says no, you cannot
😨 Is there a Pokémon Go gym in the Korean Demilitarized Zone?
😱 Yes, You Can Catch Pokémon at Auschwitz
😞 Shitty Pokestops

Society Transformations

✌️ Americans are using the Metric System
👍 Militär-Vet überwindet PTSD
My boyfriend and I both work in call centers and weigh 300+ lbs... Today we left the house to go to the park for the first time in our 5 year relationship.
As a professional OTR truck driver, this game could really show long term health benefits. Thank you, Niantic.
Pokemon Go Reportedly Helping People’s Mental Health, Depression


🍺 Free Drinks for Lure-Modules
🚕 Entrepreneurs Are Offering Uber-Style Rides For Pokémon Go Players
🕴 Someone on Craigslist is selling a level 20 Pokémon Go account for $100
This man's Pokémon Go chat app is so successful that it's driving him bankrupt
Restaurants Are Cashing In on Pokémon Go Madness

Pre-Launch Desperation

😞 Canadians Are Creating Their Own ‘Sad Pokemon Go’ Since They’ve Been Left Out Of The Fun
😡 Japanese Fans Are Impatient About Pokémon Go
Pokemon Go clone tops app charts in China

Pokémon is bigger than…

👌👈 Tinder
👌👈 Sex
🐤 Twitter
🕹 Nintendo Hardware


Don't Pokémon while black!

The breakdown is simple:
- There is a statistically disproportionate chance that someone could call the police to investigate me for walking around in circles in the complex.
- There is a statistically disproportionate chance that I would be approached by law enforcement with fear or aggression, even when no laws have been broken.
- There is a statistically disproportionate chance that I will be shot while reaching for my identification that I always keep in my back right pocket.
- There is a statistically disproportionate chance that more shots will be fired and I will be dead before any medical assistance is available.

PokemonGo Is Already Making Authorities Freak Out About Danger: „Car crashes, dead bodies, pedophiles: You name it, Pokemon skeptics are worried about it“.

Don't Pokémon while Driving!

NJ Police: Catching Rare Pokemon Not Worth Real-Life Risk:

In an advisory issued this morning, a New Jersey police department warned citizens to keep their wits about them while playing Pokémon Go to avoid falling victim to criminals.

“Please be aware of your surroundings and always use best practices for personal safety no matter where an app tells you to go,” West Windsor Police Lieutenant Garofalo wrote in the advisory. “That rare Pokémon may come at the cost of your car or possibly your life."

Don't Pokemon on Rails! Just don't!

Don't knock over the Honigmelonen!

No Pokemon at Work! Seriously!

They're not coming for you, dumbass!