Pokémon Blockers

Schon die Schnauze voll von Pokémon Go? Ich auch nicht.

Aber falls doch, here's your fix (for chrome): PokeGone - Gotta block 'em all (Code auf Github).


PokeGone - Gotta block 'em all!
A Chrome extension that removes Pokemon from the Internet.

All of a sudden, a new mobile app called Pokemon Go got extremely popular (read about it on the Wall Street Journal!). Because of this, the internet is full of people talking about all things Pokemon - which can be a little annoying.
PokeGone removes Pokemon Go references from the internet so you can get to normal watching funny cat GIFs.


  • Detects instances of Pokemon GO on web pages.
  • Attempts to identify semantically sections of the page likely to contain Pokemon Go reference and removes them from the page.
  • Sensitivity settings to customize the aggressiveness of the filter - remove single references, chunks or the entire page.

Hier ein weiterer Pokémon Blocker, der mir allerdings nicht sehr ausgereift erscheint und anscheinend nur das Wort „Pokémon“ ausblendet.

[update] And another one: Pokemon Go Away!

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