Golden Days Before They End: Fotos aus Wiener Kneipen


Fotograf Klaus Pichler (Vorher: Fotos aus dem Museumskeller, Cosplayers at Home) hat einen neuen Fotoband voller Bilder aus Wiener Kneipen am Start: Golden Days Before They End (Edition Patrick Frey). Lost Souls swimming in a Beer Bottle.

Dieser junge Mann hier ist einer der Trinker aus Manuelas Kneipe:


One of my customers knows his brain is shrinking from all his boozing, but that doesn’t stop him. And to be honest, if I was him, maybe I wouldn’t stop either. He’s divorced, he’s got two children he never sees, the state’s cheated him out of his sickness benefits after an accident he had at work and he’s a man without a country. He’s frustrated. And on top of that, he’s not the brightest and a severe alcoholic. But still, he’s a nice guy. He doesn’t have much money. He drinks cheap rotgut at home, then comes down here to talk crap. You can see the damage he’s done to himself by the way he rolls his eyes and in his funny walk. Even after just one or two beers, he can’t stand up straight. But that doesn’t make him stop drinking. It’s his choice. (Heinz, Manuela’s Pub)

Und diesem Absatz aus Brad Feuerhelms hervorragendem Review des Buchs kann ich nur komplett zustimmen:

The local familiar, for all their teeth falling out, their cackling Brueghelian mouths and there extreme stories of knife fights, staying in the pubs over weekends and pissing themselves, remind the reader of different ways of simply “being” in a place. It is not in my interest to judge or stress the people within the pictures as anything other than human, but I can tell you that I would much rather spend a Saturday to Sunday morning stretch with one of the patrons in this book than listen to some cracker talk to me about the new Drake album.