Pokémon Go-Player findet echte Leiche im Fluß


Gestern erschien Nintendos Augmented Reality-Game Pokémon Go, in dem Zocker per GPS Pokémons im echten Leben sammeln können. (Hier der Download für Android, ich hab's noch nicht angezockt, Pokémons interessieren mich aber auch eher so mittel.) Als nun Shayla Wiggins von ihrem Game per GPS zu einem „water-based character“ geführt wurde, fand sie dort statt Pikachu – eine Leiche.

According to a Friday report from Wyoming news site County 10, 19-year-old Shayla Wiggins told reporters that she discovered a dead body floating in a river near her home. She only walked to the river because she had loaded Pokémon Go on her phone.

"I was trying to get a Pokémon from a natural water resource," Wiggins told County 10. The game offers visual hints about where its characters are hiding based on users' GPS data. Characters usually hide within walking distance, with small animated "sparkles" on the map for the type of Pokemon (grass, lightning, etc.). In Wiggins' case, that meant seeing a hint of a water-based character (indicated by a splashing-water animation) on her game's map screen.

Hat ja was von Stand By Me mit Augmented Reality-Pokémon und Smartphones, oder so. Und den Wasserpokémon hat sie offenbar nicht gefangen: „Shayla says that she did not capture the water Pokemon that she was after, because she stopped playing to call the police.“