DIY-Überwachungs-Kit konvertiert Gespräche in GIF-Matrix


Nette Arbeit vom Designstudio, das DIY-Surveillance-Kit I see U bestehend aus einem Papercraft-Richtmikro und einem RaspberryPi, der abgehörte Konversationen in Suchbegriffe umwandelt und per Giphy in eine Matrix aus 3x3 GIFs konvertiert.

conversationVon FastCoDesign: "We're trying to hide the real dystopia," says Caspersen. "Enabling people to spy on everybody was the most horrific idea we can think of, so like everything we do, we tried to make the execution playful." The goal of the kit, though, is deadly serious: to raise awareness and start conversations about the ubiquitous surveillance state, as it exists around the world.

“I see U” is an art project designed to raise awareness around data collection, privacy and transparency. It shows the dark side of surveillance against the backdrop of the wild and wonderful interwebs.

In the wild and wonderful world of memes, gifs, cats, snaps, lazers and emojis, it’s easy to forget that what we do and share is being collected and distributed.