Cyborg Stingray aus Ratten-Zellen mit goldenem Skelett


Kevin Kit Parker von der Uni Harvard hat einen 16 Millimeter langen Cyborg-Stachelrochen mit goldenem Skelett aus Rattenzellen gebaut. Die sensitivierten die Rattenzellen für Licht, Beleuchtung führt so zur Muskelkontraktion und das Viech ahmt so die Bewegungen eines Rochen nach. I totally want one. (Auch sehr interessanter Soundtrack von New Scientist mal wieder.)

park5hrthe 16-millimetre-long soft robot has a gold skeleton overlaid with a flexible polymer. Its muscles are made up of about 200,000 rat heart cells laid down in layers. “My building material is alive,” says Parker. […]

Shining specific frequencies on the robot causes a wave of contractions to spread down its body, making it undulate, and different frequencies make it move at different speeds. Shining light on one side of its body just before the other allows it to turn. Controlled by light in this way, the robot successfully swam through an obstacle course.