Dyslexia-simulating Font


Nettes Typo-Experiment von Daniel Britton, ein Font, der die Lesegeschwindikeit auf die eines an Dyslexie leidenden Menschen reduziert. Erinnert ein bisschen an das Dyslexia-Simulator-Plugin, nur mit mehr Typo.

For most people the letters and numbers do not jump around on the page and the colours remain the same, it is simply a break down in communication between they eye and the brain, for most people you can see the information, you can see perfectly each and every letter form but there is something in your mind that is stopping or slowing the process of information and for most this is Dyslexia.

What this typeface does is break down the reading time of a non-dyslexic down to the speed of a dyslexic. I wanted to make non-Dyslexic people understand what it is like to read with the condition