Revenge-Terror-Shaming in this Brave New World

So macht man das im Jahr 2016: Weil ein Typ aus Mexiko jemanden um ein paar tausend Dollar prellte, landet der Bauernfänger seit ein paar Monaten als Todesopfer in der Berichterstattung über Terroranschläge. Das Foto des Herrn tauchte im Zusammenhang mit den Anschlägen auf den Flughafen von Istanbul, den Gay-Club in Orlando und des Absturzes der EgyptAir-Maschine auf. DasGeileNeueInternet und seine drölfmillarden neuen Wege der Rustikalregulierung, neue Medienpranger durch ultrahochbeschleunigten Massenjournalismus.


This same mysterious man made it onto the lists of victims of the shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida on June 12. His photo was even included in a New York Times video showing images of the victims. And that’s not all. This man’s photo pops up in connection with all sorts of different tragedies. On June 19, for example, Mexican police shot at a crowd of people protesting against education reform, killing at least eight people. Social media users shared his photo again, only this time they claimed that he was the official who ordered the police to shoot. […]

Our team contacted these social media users and they all told the same story. They said they knew the man in the photo personally and that he had cheated them out of money, ranging from fairly small sums up to about $1,000. […]

FRANCE 24 managed to contact the man pictured in all these photos. […] He said: 'My photo is everywhere because of someone who started it as a prank after a legal dispute. I never reported the people who did this to me because, in Mexico, nothing ever happens in these kinds of cases.'