Streetprinting: Die Straße als Hochdruckverfahren


Die Raubdruckerin (Facebook) schmiert Farbe auf Gullideckel, gestanzte Schilder und andere reliefartigen Dinge in der Stadt und bedruckt damit Sachen. Die Strukturen, die sowas hergeben, würden mich ja viel mehr interessieren, als Hipsterturnbeutel und Gullideckel-Hoodies. Then again: Gullideckel-Hoodies.

Raubdruckerin uses drain covers as a printing module for textiles and paper. By pressing a garment on a drain cover coated with paint, the surface is beeing transfered as a graphical pattern onto the desired object. After first experiments in 2006 Raubdruckerin is meanwhile printing in streets all over the world. Currently the collection shows objects from more than 20 cities…to be continued.

Every place tells his story through his faces and surfaces. To capture the beauty of their stories, to bring people together by organizing street performances and to sensitize people´s view for the little and seemingly unimportant things in life are the main motivations for this project.