Most and least Metal Words

Jemand namens Iain hat sich einen Datensatz der Lyrics von 222.623 Metal-Songs von 7364 Bands aus 22314 Alben gezogen. Dann hat er diesen Korpus mit einem Standard-Korpus verglichen und „Metalness“-Faktor im Vergleich zu „normaler Sprache“ und schließlich die most-metal und least-metal Worte errechnet. (via Algoritmic)


Ich hab’ die most und least metal Words mal in ein paar improvisierte eigene Lyrics gemasht:

Burn particularly where cries are indicated!
The veins of my secretary breath in the committee of eternity!

That University is a beast
and it's gets me relatively rarely noted.

Demons are approximately made from the ashes of chairman,
while the soul of his employees are full of sorrow.

That fucking attorney ran after me with a sword,
because of my membership in that University, so I said goodbye.

The administrative dreams are considerable made for academic gods,
so I pray for literary reign in the agencies of tears.

Will take some measurements tho, while the flames of fiscal screams
are hiding in the residential areas of particularly burning subburbs.

Or something.

Er hat dann noch viel mehr Unfug mit den Texten angestellt, das ganze Posting ist sicher den Klick wert, hier noch als Bonus: „a few haiku's that I 'found' hiding in the metal lyrics“.

Burn motherfucker
feel the flame listen to the
whiplash crack your brain
- Pale Rider, Gamma Ray

Freaking out foaming
at the mouth you leave a trail
of dead behind you
- Bite like a Bulldog, Lordi

I part the bloody
hide put my dick right in her
cum is getting thin
- Hand of Doom, Danzig