Let Me Hang You: William Burroughs reads Naked Lunch with Garage Punks


Vor zwanzig Jahren arbeitete William S. Burroughs an einem Audiobook zu Naked Lunch. Er las ein paar seiner Lieblingspassagen vor und es war geplant, das ganze mit Mucke von unter anderem den Avantgarde-Rockern Bill Frisell und Wayne Horvitz von Naked City und dem experimentellen Geiger Eyvind Kang zu einem Burroughs-angemessenen Dings zu vermengen. Kam alles anders, Burroughs starb 1997 in das Projekt gerat in Vergessenheit.

Produzent Hal Willner hat das Projekt jetzt ausgegraben und mit King Khan und befreundeten Freaks komplettiert. Die Erstpressung auf „Blood, Bone & Vomit“-Colored-Vinyl ist bereits vor dem Release ausverkauft, zweite Pressung in den Farben „Bile/Semen/Blood“ ist in Arbeit, die ganze Abartigkeit gibt's auf Bandcamp für ’nen Zwanni. Praise the lord of scum!

In 2015, Hal Willner decided to reopen this unfinished masterpiece and asked help from King Khan (a musician that he and Lou Reed admired and became fast friends with). Hal sent Khan all of the recordings and asked him to add his gris gris to this extremely perverted gumbo... and history was made and the scum began to rise!

King Khan recruited M Lamar, the creator of the "Negrogothic" movement and the identical twin brother of transgender actress Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black), and The Frowning Clouds, a band of young Australian boys who have mastered the sixties garage punk sound -- and that perhaps WSB would have also enjoyed for other purposes a long time ago.

Let Me Hang You is a collection of depraved genius straight from the godfather of punk's very own mouth. If chills and thrills are what you seek, then look no further -- here is the bible of freakdom, recited by the pope of the underground...