Anti-Paparazzi Schal

[update] It seems, a guy named Chris Holmes came up earlier with the same idea, his Scarfs actually look quite similar.


Saif Siddiqui hat einen auf Reflektoren basierenden Schal erfunden, der Blitzlicht konzentriert zurückwirft und Paparazzi-Fotos ruiniert. Smart guy will be very rich, very fast.

“I came up with it when a few friends took a picture of me on a bike in Amsterdam,” Siddiqui told Quartz. “The reflector on the bike semi-ruined a picture and this is where I thought of creating a product, which you could wear or hold, which could ruin pictures completely.”
Soon after, Siddiqui put together a team of experts, who dug into the science of light and reflection, and created this invisibility cloak of sorts, which disrupts flash to make everything in the image go dark. It also works on video cameras. The anti-paparazzi scarf was in development for around six years before its launch in October 2015.