Bits'n'Pieces 22.06.2016: Donald Drumpfs Wahlkampf ist pleite, Donald Drumpfs Mar-A-Lago-Club ist reich, Playmobil goes Ghostbusters, Seinfeld in Doom

LOL Donald Trump in der Krise: Jetzt geht ihm auch noch das Geld aus. Vielleicht sollte er mal in seinem Mar-A-Lago-Club nachschauen:

This is real, here's the source.


First licensed Playmobil-Toys, ever: Ghostbusters. Außer dem Clip gibt es noch keine Details dazu:

Seinfeld in Doom. Naja.

Gorillaz – Deconstructing Genre. Netter Clip, leider technisch furchtbar schlampig umgesetzt, von Typo fang ich lieber gar nicht erst an:

Illiberal Left

Feminists vs Betty Page. You can't make this shit up: Ravenna homeowners have message for 'feminists' who defaced their pinup mural.

Professor Investigated for Discussing Conflicting Viewpoints, ‘The Coddling of The American Mind’. „avoid stating opinions“. Meine Fresse.

The University of Northern Colorado (UNC) appears to have investigated two professors for asking students to simply consider all sides of the debate over today’s most controversial political and social issues. The investigations were prompted by student complaints made through UNC’s “Bias Response” system, which encourages students to file online reports of any “offensive classroom environment” to administrators, who may then intervene with the theoretically offending faculty. […]

a professor asked his students to read The Atlantic’s “The Coddling of the American Mind” […]. The piece warns that the growing institutionalization of aversion to presenting views that students may find offensive or disagreeable deprives students of the opportunity to confront views they disagree with. The professor engaged students in a discussion about opposing viewpoints on, among other things, transgender issues, prompting one student to file a Bias Incident Report with university administrators. As characterized in the student’s complaint, the professor argued that “transgender is not a real thing, and no one can truly feel like they are born in the wrong body.”

The Bias Response Team contacted the professor, who responded that he was simply playing devil’s advocate to encourage a discussion amongst his students. University administrators encouraged him to avoid doing so: „A member of the Bias Response Team met with the professor, the report says, and 'advised him not to revisit transgender issues in his classroom if possible to avoid the students expressed concerns'. The Bias Response Team also 'told him to avoid stating opinions (his or theirs) on the topic as he had previously when working from the Atlantic article'.“

Tech & Science

Macht Sinn: Tesla Makes Offer to Acquire SolarCity. Make real vinyl records from any SoundCloud track. Cool.