The Trollbots are here


Charlie Stross, SciFi-Autor (Accelerando, Rule 34, Rapture of the Nerds) schrieb vor ein paar Wochen erst über kommende Trollbots:

Attacking someone on the Internet is a task eminently suited to deep learning. Give the bots a large corpus of starter insults and a win condition, and let them do what trolls do - find the most effective, most unpleasant ways to attack someone online. No matter how impervious you think you are to abuse, a swarm of learning robots can probably find your weak spot.

On a milder but no less effective note, even a single bot can have a devastating effect if handled carefully. The rule of Internet debate is that, all else being equal, the poster with the most available time wins.

polEr rechnete damals damit, dass das Phänomen so irgendwann 2018 aufpoppen würde und ich bin mir jetzt nicht sicher, ob @Assbott wirklich der erste seiner Art ist, aber gehen wir mal eine Sekunde davon aus, dann finde ich es höchst amüsant, dass der erste Trollbot aus der politischen Linken kommt und Rightwingers attackiert, und nicht etwa von /pol/. Well done fellows, or something.

Von Daily Beast: A Twitter Bot Is Beating Trump Fans. (via Boing Boing)

@Assbott has been around since May 2015, but the real fun started when Kirkland added functionality to it that would respond “Delete your account” to every tweet Trump sent out. Hillary Clinton famously tweeted the phrase at Trump after he criticized President Obama’s endorsement of the presumptive Democratic nominee last week. Since @Assbott is automated, the entire world sees its reply first, before anyone else’s. @Assbott tweets instantly. So, mere seconds after Trump tweeted a “Thank you to the LGBT community!” on Tuesday, a sea of his fans were trapped in a war of words they could not win with a lifeless clump of code in a computer.

Tuesday afternoon wasn’t the first time this happened with a celebrity. “Once John Popper from Blues Traveler was arguing with it all night long, which happened within the first six months, I figured anything was possible,” said Forrest.