Magic Leap does Augmented Reality-Star Wars

Magic Leap, dieses angeblich so geheimnisvolle Augmented Reality-Dings, arbeitet mit Lucasfilm an Augmented Star Wars-Stuff. Wired hatte vor zwei Monaten eine Titelstory über Magic Leap und das Demo hier sieht mir schonmal mehr als brauchbar aus.

Lucasfilm and ILM have worked with partners before, especially technical ones. Similarly, Magic Leap has worked closely with New Zealand effects house Weta for years. But this collaboration isn’t just two companies working together: it’s two groups of mad geniuses working together to take Star Wars off of the screen and onto the street.

To do that, they’ll be creating what Abovitz calls a “semi-secret” joint lab, based at ILM’s headquarters in San Francisco’s Presidio, that will house researchers and programmers from both companies, and even members of Lucasfilm’s Story Group.