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15.06.2016 Misc Music #Album

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Die Weaves (Spotify) streamen ihr am Freitag erscheinendes, selbstbetiteltes Debut (iTunes) vorab in ihren Soundclouds.

Wunderbar kantiges Garagengeschrammel mit genauso zerbrochenem wie kämpferischen Gesang von Jasmyn Burke, Art-Rock mit kräftigem Punk-Einschlag. Natürlich seit ein paar Wochen bereits Dauergast in den NC-Tracks. Consequences of Sound hat ein schönes Portrait der Band: The Wonderful World of Weaves: How One Band Is Keeping Art Rock Weird.

Weaves are the absurdity of art rock with the stiff upper lip of punk, the grandeur of PJ Harvey with the emotional openness of Patti Smith, the energy of a toddler in the body of an abstract sculptor. See them live once, and it won’t be enough. […]

“Well, you’re the real wild card here,” laughs Bines. “Yeah, if you didn’t have that flair, we couldn’t do what we do,” says Waters. “We’d just be onstage looking like assholes.” They’re referring, of course, to Burke’s notoriously wild antics. Each song finds her staring audience members down, moving her limbs in slow motion, stretching each action into an over-the-top childlike move. She pushes the audience to open up, tapping into an excitement bubbling just beneath the surface.

“If the show’s going wild and things get weird and you see a little smirk from the crowd, then that’s a green light to get weirder and go there,” she says.