May 2016 Heat-Record: Check 🌞


Auch der Mai war der heißeste Mai seit Aufzeichnung der Wetterdaten, der dreizehnte monatliche Hitzerekord in Folge. Yay! 😎

May was the hottest May since record-keeping started in 1880, with average temperatures 1.674 degrees Fahrenheit above what is considered normal. NASA considers "normal" to be the average temperatures recorded around the world between 1950 and 1981.

If confirmed on Friday, this news marks the 13th consecutive month that the monthly average temperatures have broken records, putting 2016 on track to be the hottest year since 2015, which which broke the record set by 2014 by a huge 0.23 degrees Fahrenheit.

ratNoch mehr good News: Wir haben wohl auch die erste Spezies SĂ€ugetierart mit dem Klimawandel gekillt, die Bramble-Cay-Mosaikschwanzratte.

Few people have heard of the Bramble Cay melomys, but its name could go down in history as the first mammal species to be wiped out through human-induced climate change.

As recently as 1978, hundreds of these rodents (Melomys rubicola) inhabited Bramble Cay, a tiny island that forms part of the Great Barrier Reef. But there have been no sightings of the animal since 2009, and a comprehensive survey of the island has now confirmed the worst. Despite leaving small mammal traps across Bramble Cay – which is only the length of three football pitches – for 900 nights, none were caught. Camera traps operating for 60 nights found no sign of the rodent either.

“Significantly, this probably represents the first recorded mammalian extinction due to anthropogenic climate change,” said Luke Leung of the University of Queensland’s school of agriculture, and a member of the team whose survey report was published this week.