Bits'n'Pieces 15.6.2016: Nato goes Cyberspace, Peter Thiels Neo-Reaktion, Froggy-Style-Boomshakalaka

15.06.2016 Misc #Linkdump

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Nato erklärt virtuellen Raum zum Kriegsgebiet: „Land, Luft, See, Internet: Für das Militärbündnis ist der Cyberspace jetzt offizielles Operationsgebiet. Virtuelle Angriffe können den Bündnisfall auslösen.“

Highly interesting stuff about Peter Thiels ties with neo-reaction: Why Peter Thiel Wants to Topple Gawker and Elect Donald Trump:

After the Gawker verdict, The New Yorker’s Nicholas Lemann noted that courts have historically treated the press in accordance with public opinion: The less people like or trust the press, the less it’s offered legal protection. In that sense, Gawker’s immediate fate — bankruptcy at the hands of an unsympathetic jury — may be a predictable outcome in a country that has lost faith in its media. But the basic point is larger: Popular legitimacy is just as important to liberal institutions as formal legal protections, and public trust in all major institutions except for the military is declining. If that continues, why wouldn’t we expect those institutions to come under threat? We can see the consequences already among Trump supporters, who are willing to cheer unconstitutional policies because they see laws simply as the arbitrary rules of a hated elite.

It’s here that someone like Peter Thiel is most interesting. He probably wouldn’t describe himself as a neoreactionary, but he wouldn’t have to in order to end up in a similar sort of political place — looking for nondemocratic alternatives as our democratic institutions struggle with mounting problems and declining legitimacy. In a revealing comment to George Packer of The New Yorker, Thiel let slip that he was pessimistic about the current system continuing. The failure of the present Establishment, according to Thiel, may point to Marxism, libertarianism, or something else, but “it’s going to be this increasingly volatile trajectory of figuring out what that’s going to be.” Thiel, obviously, is not a Marxist. He puts his own faith in massive technological breakthroughs, like life extension, that would transform human life without the messiness of social revolution.



Now Peter Thiel’s Lawyer Wants to Silence Reporting on Trump’s Hair

Last week, Thiel’s lawyer-for-hire, Charles J. Harder, sent Gawker a letter on behalf of Ivari International’s owner and namesake, Edward Ivari, in which Harder claims that Feinberg’s story was “false and defamatory,” invaded Ivari’s privacy, intentionally inflicted emotional distress, and committed “tortious interference” with Ivari’s business relations. Harder enumerates 19 different purportedly defamatory statements—almost all of which were drawn from several publicly available lawsuits filed against Ivari.

Harder’s demands included the immediate removal of the story from Gawker, a public apology, the preservation of “all physical and electronic documents, materials and data in your possession” related to the story, and, notably, that we reveal our sources.

Okay: Facebook executive: Your News Feed will likely be “all video” in five years.

Science & Tech

NASA Ignites Fire Experiment Aboard Space Cargo Ship

Ck9hE20W0AAOliPlol Rhapsody rebrands itself as Napster because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯: „Rhapsody is relaunching as Napster, the service it acquired in 2011 which is also synonymous with rampant file sharing and music piracy. 'No changes to your playlists, favorites, albums, and artists,' says a blog post on Rhapsody's website. 'Same music. Same service. Same price. 100% the music you love. Stay tuned!'“

I don't buy this as long I don't see numbers: Sixgill claims to crawl the Dark Web to detect future cybercrime: „Sixgill has developed proprietary algorithms and tech to connect the Dark Web’s dots by analysing so-called 'big data' to create profiles and patterns of Dark Web users and their hidden social networks. It’s via the automatic crunching of this data that the company claims to be able to identify and track potential hackers who may be planning malicious and illegal activity.“

Extroverts are Introverts, too! Both Introverts and Extraverts Get Exhausted from Too Much Socializing

Froggy-Style-Boomshakalaka: „Among the 7,000-plus known species of frog, only six mating positions have been observed by herpetologists. Until now.“


Twitter has invested in SoundCloud for $70 million

Trees That Will Start to Vanish Because of Climate Change