Tattoo-Machine Prosthesis


JC Sheitan Tenet (Facebook) hat seit ein paar Tagen eine neue Prothese: Eine Tattoo-Maschine. Das Teil stammt von einem Steampunker namens JL Gonzal.

proTenet, a tattoo artist, partnered with Gonzal (Jean-Louis Gonzalez), an artist and engineer to make the first prototype. He recently demonstrated how it worked at the Tattoo Motor Show 8, a convention in Devézieux, France.

“At the convention, people said ‘What the fuck is that!? That’s fucking cool!’” Tenet told me over the phone. He and Gonzal began by telling people that the prosthetic tattoo machine was a “kinetic sculpture,” but based on people’s reactions, they soon realised that it was actually a pretty efficient tool that could ultimately rival a regular tattooist’s arm.

Daily Beast: „Sheitan said the arm was a prototype 'exhibition' prosthesis. Sheitan also noted that he used disposable cartridges and needles when using the arm to tattoo, and though all the machine’s fixations can be taken off to be cleaned and sterilized, the process takes so long that it’s not practical for daily use yet.“

Hier ein Clip der Prothese im Einsatz auf der Tattoo Motor Show: