Hotwheels-Spock und sein 1964er Buick Riviera


Hotwheels hat im Vorfeld der ComicCon seine neuen Toys vorgestellt, unter anderem ein Leonard Nimoy, der mit seinem 1964er Buick Riviera auf dem StarTrek-Studiogelände rumpost. Basiert auf dem alten Foto rechts, gibt's exklusiv auf der SDCC und in einem Monat dann für sauteuer auf Ebay. Von

ffkwlsogspbawiqavzhxBack when TOS first blasted off into the stratosphere, Leonard Nimoy, the soon-to-be-famous actor who made Mr. Spock one of TV’s best known sci-fi characters, rewarded himself by becoming the proud owner of a stellar ’64 Buick Riviera. So proud was he, in fact, that he posed for an iconic photo while dressed in full Starfleet uniform with his car on the backlot of the TV studio. Now, Hot Wheels is paying tribute to the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek with a 3D diorama featuring a Hot Wheels edition of the Riviera in a full die-cast body and chassis, with Real Riders wheels and a Mr. Spock figurine.

Auch geil: eine Hotwheels-Collection basierend auf Yellow Submarine:


The collection includes the Hot Wheels Yellow Submarine replica, complete with orange track-compatible wheels, as well as an assortment of six cars featuring the art of the iconic 1968 Yellow Submarine film. Fans will appreciate the collection’s nod to the movie, with vivid colors, creative designs, and, of course, John, Paul, Ringo, and George adorning the packaging. And even though the film’s Blue Meanies were music-haters, they get some love from Hot Wheels with their own “Kool Kombi” tour van.