Bits'n'Pieces 4.6.2016: A.I. Killswitch, Grundeinkommen, Sweets & Snacks Expo 2016

04.06.2016 Misc #Linkdump

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16 Politiker, Forscher und Künstler fordern das Grundeinkommen für Deutschland

Make it so! Idiocracy writers team up with Terry Crews for anti-Trump ads

Jews Are Taking Back (((Echoes))) From the Neo-Nazis

(((Echoes))), as the signaling method is called, got a lot of attention Thursday when reported that neo-Nazis are using a Google Chrome extension called Coincidence Detector that automatically adds parentheses around a specific list of about 100 Jewish names. Mic traced the origins of (((Echoes))) to at least as far back as 2014.

Thursday evening, Rosenberg and other prominent Jewish writers started taking back that signal in an effort to raise awareness about what neo-Nazis are doing, to declare publicly that they are indeed Jewish, and to troll the increasingly prominent alt-right.

Schüsse und Beleidigungen vom Balkon: Betrunkene Geraer grölen und schießen auf Frau mit Kopftuch

How Donald Trump Hijacked the Authenticity of the Web: His credibility is zero, but by attacking political correctness he projects a true voice to his internet followers

trururThe concept of political correctness began in the 1980s as a way to ridicule the young Left’s sweeping moral re-evaluation of its own traditional assumptions about the role of women and other marginalized people. A suspicion of ideas that we have inherited from earlier generations is still a mark of the Left, and is one of its great virtues. As part of this self-evaluation, the Left became sensitive to the ways in which language encodes and perpetuates pernicious assumptions. Avoiding the old, corrupt vocabularies became a moral obligation.

The Right ridiculed this from the start for three reasons: First, PC speech capitulates to people who are being given unfair advantages; the white, Christian, men who are among Trump’s most ardent supporters are convinced that they are the ones who are now oppressed. Second, the “PC police” enforce a mindless, ritualistic, and empty adherence to the PC vocabulary, a criticism that is occasionally on target. Third, PC is cowardly, afraid to state the blunt truth for fear of offending anyone. That’s why Republicans think Obama won’t refer to jihadists as “radical Islamic terrorists,” when in fact it’s because he doesn’t want to legitimize the idea that they represent Islam.

We should therefore not be surprised that Trump’s popularity has risen as his claims have become more outrageous and hateful: his supporters take that as a sign of his bravery. They confirm that Trump speaks truth to power. Of course, those of us who think being “PC” really means granting basic respect and dignity to all think that his hateful bullying is feeding a American version of fascism.

Yes, the Media is to Blame for Trump – But So Are You…

You know exactly what I’m talking about. And you know it’s true because you’re partly responsible (partly in the nearly completely sense). Whenever the media tries to cover the issues at stake in an election, you turn them off. When they cover the game, you leave them on. You watch their shows and read their columns. You tweet. You post. You talk about it at dinner parties. You can’t talk about the issues themselves in that setting because no one in America ever has dinner with someone who doesn’t agree with them on the issues. And how could that not get boring after a few minutes?

You love the game. The game is easier to learn. Think about the way we cover debates. They are 100% about zingers, every single time (other than those times Ben Carson was participating — the doctor doesn’t zing.)

So Donald Trump knows it’s not about the issues and sees a game he can win. In his earliest days of considering a run, did he gather the team to create a platform? Hell no, he announced he had a winning media strategy. Most politicians don’t like to answer the strategy questions. Trump almost only answers those. He loves that topic. His campaign is not really about a wall or philosophy or an ideology. It’s about winning.

Science & Technology

Google is working on a kill switch to prevent an AI uprising: „Google is keen to keep this sort of thing from happening, as well, and has published a paper (PDF) detailing the work its Deep Mind team is doing to ensure there's a kill switch in place to prevent a robocalypse situation. Essentially, Deep Mind has developed a framework that'll keep AI from learning how to prevent -- or induce -- human interruption of whatever it's doing.“

Tja: Die Neudefinition des Geschlechts: „Immer mehr Studien zeigen: Unsere Vorstellung von zwei Geschlechtern ist allzu simpel - nicht nur aus anatomischer, sondern auch aus genetischer Sicht.“

In a VR world – As virtual reality materializes, filmmakers dive in

Google DeepMind AI finds its way through a 3D maze by 'sight'

What’s causing the devastating floods in France and Germany?: „A weather phenomenon called an “omega block” is behind the deluge. In this case the air currents known as the jet stream have kinked in such a way to create a large area of low pressure over western Europe. How this fits into the broader trend of a changing climate is still unclear, however.“

Open Letter to Wired: „in addition to blocking the roughly 50 third-party trackers that your site exposes us to, we are also blocking your blocker blocker“.

Plan to build human genome from scratch could kick off this year: „Today a group of 25 scientists officially announced their plan to build a human genome from scratch within the next 10 years.“

Metamaterial lens is thinner than the light it bends and focuses: „ A lens has been built that is thinner than the waves of light it focuses. Such lenses, made from light-warping metamaterials, might someday replace the heavier glass lenses used in everything from microscopes to phone cameras.“

The Myth of the Optimism Bias?: „a group of researchers, led by first author Punit Shah of London, has criticized the theory of biased belief updating and, by extension, the whole optimism bias model. Shah et al. say that optimism bias may be a mere statistical artifact, a product of the psychological test paradigms used to assess it. They argue that even perfectly rational, unbiased individuals would seem ‘optimistic’ in these tests.“


„Nina Gantz’s dark and touching animation Edmond tells the story of an oddball character whose desire to be close to those around him reaches cannibalistic extreme.“

Viele Verletzte nach Blitzeinschlag bei "Rock am Ring"

The best (and worst) new products from 2016’s Sweets & Snacks Expo

Internet: Then Vs. Now


Does depression drive creativity? The myth of the struggling artist & how Stefan Sagmeister stays creative: „The opposite of happiness is boredom“.