SynDog: Synthetische Hunde-Leiche für Medizin-Studenten


SynDaver bauen künstliche Leichen für Medizin-Studenten und nun erweitern sie ihr Programm auf Asta Sheila Orca Hunde, damit die Veterinär-Schulen nicht mehr auf Hunde aus Tierheimen zurückgreifen müssen. (via Popsci)

Terminal labs involve teaching veterinary students how to perform certain surgeries on live, sedated shelter animals and then euthanizing the animal immediately following the procedure.

This practice is still utilized by a number of educational institutions throughout the world. By equipping every accredited veterinary college in the world with our SynDaver Synthetic Canines at no cost to them, we can effectively end the use of terminal labs. This will save thousands of animal lives each year.