Meth in Überraschungseiern

In Limavady bei Belfast, Irland, haben sie Überraschungseier mit Meth gefunden. Spannung, Spiel und Schokolade (S)-N-Methyl-1-phenylpropan-2-amin! (via Ronny)


A six-year-old boy who found a chocolate egg under a hedge last week was perplexed on opening it up to find a bag containing a white powder inside. The child, who was playing with his eight-year-old brother in their home town of Limavady, Northern Ireland, gave the mystery substance to his father, who then passed it on to police.

Inspector Colin Shaw of the Police Service of Northern Ireland said: “The contents of the bag, which was found inside a toy egg, is believed to be methamphetamine. This small quantity of drugs will be disposed of by police.