George Carlin is a Hologram


Das 2017 eröffnende National Comedy Center wird einen Club mit einem Program voller Hologrammen verstorbener Comedians am Start haben, unter anderem von LouisCK-Vorbild und meinem persönlichen Helden George Carlin. Vor ein paar Monaten gab's erst die Meldung, sie würden Andy Kaufman als Hologram wiederbeleben und auf Tour schicken. Carlin would so have called out the Bullshit on that.

"The main gimmick to bring people to [the National Comedy Center in] Jamestown — which you may imagine is not an easy thing to convince people to do — is the George Carlin hologram," Nesteroff said. "So they're building this fake comedy club in one corner and George will be onstage, performing like old times … [H]e's the credibility here. People have tried to do comedy museums before and failed. When you hear 'comedy museum' and you're a comedian, your first thought isn't, 'Oh, that's cool,' it's 'Oh, that sounds terrible.' But in the comedy community, there are very few who would say that weren't influenced by George Carlin. It helps."

Artifacts from Carlin's archive will also serve as a major draw. The comedian's daughter, Kelly Carlin, donated eight trunks full of script drafts, eight-track tapes, performance videos, photographs, the report from his arrest on charges of obscenity from a 1972 show in Milwaukee and countless notebooks filled with jokes.