Nazis attackieren veganes Café mit Wurst

In Tiflis (Georgien) haben Nazis ein veganes Café mit Wurst, Fisch und Fleisch angegriffen. You can't make this shit up:

vegancafeAt least 15 assailants stormed into the small Kiwi Cafe in the Georgian capital and began hurling sausages, meat and fish at both staff and customers, according to witnesses. The attackers were described by newspaper Georgia Today as radical ultra-nationalist Georgian Ultras. In a statement issued by the cafe on their Facebook page the incident was described as "an anti-vegan provocative action" and called the attackers "neo-Nazis" who support "fascist ideas".

Die Meldung ist trotz maximaler Surrealität nicht lustig – und diese Stelle von ihrer FB-Seite erinnert mich an nicht wenige Situationen hierzulande, als Nachbarn des Cafés beim Angriff der Nazis mitmachten: „Hearing shouts, locals from neighboring houses came out and here is the most interesting part. One of the neighbors showed the knife, he said - come out, we will figure everything out. Our friend said that no one will go anywhere, and then one of them took her by her hair and pushed her on the street, pushed her to the asphalt with her face toward the ground. Then the fight started on the street. We called the police.“