Kowloon Arcade Walkthrough

In Japan gibt es (natürlich) eine Kowloon-Walled-City-themed Arcade-Halle. BeatdownBoogie waren dort uns sind mit einer Kamera durchgelatscht:

Und apropos Abandoned Krams und Arcade: Vor ein paar Jahren haben Urban Explorer alte Arcade-Maschinen aus der Duke of Lancaster geborgen, einem seit 30 Jahren vor North Wales verrottenden Passagierschiff: Arcade Raid – The Duke of Lancaster Ship.

arcadeIts use as “The Fun Ship” was relatively short-lived and it was subsequently closed to the public; supposedly because access to the ship is via a bridge under the North Wales railway line, which was too low for emergency vehicles – a technicality disputed by the owners throughout the battle. What this meant was that amongst all its other other inventory, over 50 arcade machines from the golden era were sealed shut inside the ship.

Over time, the derelict ship started to rust, and became largely forgotten about, known only to locals as the beached ship by the coast. No one went there, no one cared. The owners stated they had no plans to sell. It was literally a metal tomb. And so it quietly sat, holding its cargo.