Dr. Heimlich uses Heimlich manoeuvre for first time

27.05.2016 Misc #Medics

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1974 erfand Dr. Heimlich das Heimlich-Manöver, das seitdem circa dreihundertfünfundsechzigtausendzweinhundertundelf Leuten das Leben gerettet hat. Selbst hat er es nie anwenden müssen – bis neulich:

X2604-H-17Dr Henry Heimlich’s technique for dislodging food or objects caught in people’s throats has been credited with saving untold thousands of lives around the world since he invented it in 1974 – but he had never once had cause to use it in an emergency situation himself. Last Monday, however, the retired [96 year old] chest surgeon encountered a female resident at his retirement home in Cincinnati who was choking at the dinner table. […]

„That moment was very important to me. I knew about all the lives my manoeuvre has saved over the years and I have demonstrated it so many times but here, for the first time, was someone sitting right next to me who was about to die.“