Bits'n'Pieces 27.5.2016

27.05.2016 Misc #Linkdump

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Slavoj Žižek: Migrants, Racists and the Left: „every critical remark you make is instantly decried by leftists as Islamophobia. With many leftists, I notice that this doesn’t only involve Islamophobia – some leftists don’t even like to emphasise materialism or secular values. I am absolutely, unambiguously a materialist. I don’t want any part of this return of the sacred, post-secular age. People think that I am part of some Western secular conspiracy against the Third World and the people there. I find this way of thinking extremely dangerous. The emancipatory core of the Western legacy – materialism, secular thought, women’s rights, Cartesian subjectivity, abstract universal subjectivity – these are more precious than ever today.“

Confronting the Parasite Economy: „The real economy delivers on the promise of capitalism. The parasite economy relentlessly undermines it.“

Der Gesellschaft ist die Gerechtigkeit abhandengekommen. Die Mittelschicht wird enteignet, die Menschen im Niedriglohnsektor und die Erwerbslosen werden im Stich gelassen. So lässt sich das Resultat der Rentenpolitik der großen Koalition zusammenfassen.“

Welcome to the Election From Hell: „today, both presumptive nominees are so equally distrusted and despised by polarized sections of the electorate that their most effective message is: well, at least I’m not [insert other candidate].“

The Dangerous Acceptance of Donald Trump: „[Trumpp]’s not Hitler, as his wife recently said? Well, of course he isn’t. But then Hitler wasn’t Hitler—until he was. At each step of the way, the shock was tempered by acceptance. It depended on conservatives pretending he wasn’t so bad, compared with the Communists, while at the same time the militant left decided that their real enemies were the moderate leftists, who were really indistinguishable from the Nazis. The radical progressives decided that there was no difference between the democratic left and the totalitarian right and that an explosion of institutions was exactly the most thrilling thing imaginable.“

Illiberal Left

How the racial politics of Dat Boi ripped apart a popular Facebook Group: „The [original anti-dat boi] argument that arose was that dat boi was racist in its origin -- mocking AAVE [African American Vernacular English] and using it as a meme instead of validating it as any other dialect [would be readily accepted]. The argument in response was mainly that dat boi was not racist inherently and [even if] the meme does take after AAVE, AAVE should not be understood as being only ever spoken by black Americans. [Therefore] this meme exists to offend nothing by its sheer randomness.“

Pricks assaulting a Dicks: Milo Yiannopoulos Assaulted By Crazy Student Protesters at DePaul, Cops Do Nothing


The Fall of „while protecting the integrity of the brand — which was Salon's most valuable asset, by far — she decided to go full tilt for traffic, and it destroyed the brand.“

Tech & Science

Tech behind WaPos ultrafast WebApp: WTF are Progressive Web Apps?
Dev Google: Progressive Web Apps

If You Talk to Bots, You’re Talking to Their Bosses: „This is the next stage of corporate personhood. If the user-experience layer of a company’s processes can be completely automated, neither its owners nor employees need to present themselves to people. They give the automation an abstract personality and make it a being-in-itself.“

Die erste Firma ohne Menschen: „Dezentral, autonom, menschenlos: Die Investmentfirma DAO existiert nur als Code [in der Blockchain]. 140 Millionen US-Dollar hat sie gesammelt. Zwei Deutsche haben sie programmiert.“